Month – June 2013

Make A Sale To Get A Customer

  With the lack of follow up from businesses that I purchase from, I know for a fact that they only get a customer to make a sale.  After you hand the cashier your money they are shooing you out the door, never to be heard from again. Make A Sale To Get A Customer […]

Follow Up With A “Reason Why”

One of the worst things you can do is NOT FOLLOWING UP WITH YOUR CLIENTS!!!  According to 1st Financial Training Services, 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain.  However, 91% of those unhappy customers will simply leave and never return.  Yikes! So, what are you doing to follow up with your clients? Follow Up or Go […]

Here’s A “Special Offer” For You But You Can’t Have It Because It Expired

So, Saturday I received a postcard in the mail from a marketing / printing company with a “special offer.”  Well, actually they mailed the “special offer” to me about two weeks ago, but this was an extended version.  Do you see the “special offer extended” with the date in the above picture?  What does the date […]