Month: January 2014

USPS Does It Again…

It’s true, the United States Postal Service has increased postage… again. If you have been following my 3D Mailings, then you already know that to ship the Miniature Trash Can it costs $2.07 (for anything under 3 ounces).  Well, the USPS has increased the postage (on January 27, 2014) to $2.32.  First Class stamps are now […]

Just A Life Rant

Life…  It’s over in a flash. So, this past week there were three deaths my family heard about.  One was a family friends mother who pasted away out of the blue (She was 76).  My Aunt’s neighbor past away sitting in a waiting room at the dentist, again, out of the blue (He was 54).  My […]

I Need More Time!!!

Ugh, there isn’t enough time in the day to get anything done… Or so it feels. Everywhere I go there are distractions.  Dogs wanting to go outside every five seconds, my mom calling me every half hour to ask me what she should she eat for lunch (How in the heck am I supposed to […]