Month – October 2014

Scientific Advertising: Getting Distribution

Moving forward… Scientific Advertising CHAPTER FOURTEEN Getting Distribution Most advertisers are confronted with the problem of getting distribution. National advertising is unthinkable without that. A venture cannot be profitable if nine in ten of the converts fail to find the goods. To force dealers to stock by bringing repeated demands may be enormously expensive. To […]

Scientific Advertising: Use of Samples

  Do you offer any samplings of your products??  Read on… Scientific Advertising CHAPTER THIRTEEN Use of Samples The product itself should be its own best salesman. Not the product alone, but the product plus a mental impression, and atmosphere, which you place around it. That being so, samples are of prime importance. However expensive, […]

Scientific Advertising: Strategy

Keep moving forward! Scientific Advertising CHAPTER TWELVE Strategy Advertising is much like war, minus the venom. Or much, if you prefer, like a game of chess. We are usually out to capture others’ citadels or garner others’ trade. We must have skill and knowledge. We must have training and experience, also right equipment. We must […]

Scientific Advertising: Information

Can you believe we’re halfway over with Scientific Advertising?  What an amazing book that’s choke full of marketing information.  Just remember to keep reading, keep taking notes, and keep implementing! Scientific Advertising CHAPTER ELEVEN Information An ad.-writer, to have a chance at success, must gain full information on his subject. The library of an advertising agency […]