Month: July 2015

Back-to-the-Basics: Make A Sale To…

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a “Back-to-the-Basics” on a Facebook Group I’m a part of and I’ve been getting good feedback. So, I’ve decided to start doing “Back-to-the-Basics” on Mondays to go over the basics of marketing for you.  This will be quotes and marketing lessons from the Millionaire Maker, Dan Kennedy (This […]

Grinding It Out

You may have heard this title before.  It’s the title to the book, Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonalds’s by Ray Kroc. I read it because I was getting really curious about how McDonald’s became the giant it is today, and how business owners and entrepreneurs can take the tactics McDonald’s employed and use it […]

I’ve Gone Crazy… Facebook Advertising?

After many talks with myself, I went crazy and decided to check out Facebook Advertising. As you know, I’m a huge direct mail fan.  I love everything to do with offline marketing… you know, like postcards, sales letters, newspaper ads (yes, you read that right), really anything to do with offline. But, I wanted to […]

The Power Of Referrals

I see a lot of business owners neglect the power of referrals.  They don’t ask for them and they don’t get them. You see, when someone refers your company to their friends/family, they’ve already done the selling for you.  There’s no need for you to do any sales pitches, which makes referrals the easiest business you […]