Month: May 2016

3 ‘Musts’ For All Of Your Marketing

Everywhere I look… and I still can’t believe all of the worthless marketing out there. I get the same ‘ole boring mail which just states the name and contact information of the business.  I see billboards that businesses use for ‘branding.’  Really, all I see is garbage.  They don’t have a headline.  No offer.  No Call-to-Action.  Nothing-Nadda-Zip When you’re creating […]

Understanding The Basics of Advertising

One of the most important things in advertising and marketing is knowing how to write copy!  That is, how to put words together that sell your prospects, customers, and clients to buy from you. In Maxwell Sackheim’s book, Billion Dollar Marketing, Sackheim gives some basics for understanding advertising.  (Sackheim is the main man behind the ‘Book […]