Month: June 2016

The Truth About Quitting

Today’s special guest article is by none other than the Millionaire-Maker himself, Dan Kennedy! Enjoy! The Renegade Millionaire Way by Dan S. Kennedy The Truth about Quitting My father told me that the reason doctors whack babies on the ass immediately after they are born is to communicate a fundamental truth they need to know […]

Don’t Ever Give Up!

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the Cleveland Cavaliers won their first championship EVER!!  Yep, their first!  And, it’s the first time in 52 years that a Cleveland sports team has won a championship.  (Finally, the drought is over!) This brings me to… DON’T EVER GIVE UP! never-Ever-EVER give up!  If you have something […]

Difference Between Direct-Response Advertising & Direct Marketing

As I was going through the most recent issue (June 2016) of the No B.S. Marketing Letter, Dan Kennedy mentioned the definitions of Direct-Response Advertising and Direct Marketing.  It’s very important to know the difference between the two and to be sure you’re using them with your business. Here’s Dan’s definitions of both… Direct-Response Advertising:  […]