Month: July 2016

[TBT] Are You Making These 11 Deadly Direct Mail Mistakes?

*I originally published this post in February 2015, and it has such great info I thought I’d do another Throw Back Thursday and include it here.  So, enjoy! Recently, I was on a live call with GKIC‘s very own Dave Dee and direct mail expert Craig Simpson (Craig has sent out over 200,000,000 sales pieces… WOW). There […]

BTTB: On Your Deathbed

What do you think you’ll say when you’re on your deathbed? Think you’ll say you wish you spent more time working?  Think you’ll say you wish you had a bigger house or fancier car or more money? If I had to guess you wouldn’t say any of those. Here’s Dan Kennedy’s Eternal Truth #16 of […]