Month: August 2016

BTTB: We Don’t Tell Direct Mail Anything

As I was reading through my *No B.S. Direct Marketing Letter, Dan Kennedy was talking about another marketing legend, Denny Hatch. What Denny said is absolutely true, but most don’t believe it. Here’s what Denny said: “We don’t tell direct mail anything; It tells us.” What does that mean?  We don’t tell direct mail anything; […]

[Postcard Example] What’s Everyone Talking About Right Now?

Originally posted August 2015, but it’s a perfect example of the old saying by copywriting legend Robert Collier… “Enter the conversation already going on in your prospects mind.” So, what’s everyone talking about at the end of August??  Well, keep reading to find out and see some great postcard examples! Oh, and the reason I […]

Notes From The Total Business Growth Accelerator Livecast

So for the past week I sent out a few emails to you about the no-cost Total Business Growth Accelerator livecast that Dave Dee (Marketing Genius) of GKIC was hosting. Now I know some of you couldn’t be there, so I figured I’d share some of my notes with you… Ain’t I a swell guy? […]

BTTB: All Successful Selling Is…

Sheesh, feels like forever since I’ve done a ‘Back-to-the-Basics’ Monday, but have no fear… It’s BAAACK! Today’s ‘Back-to-the-Basics’ comes from Dan Kennedy’s book, The Ultimate Sales Letter. No matter how you’re selling, whether it’s from your office, phone, stage, postcard, sales letter, social media, etc. successful selling is… what? Dan says: “All successful selling is […]