Month: October 2016

Boo! Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Today the little ghouls and goblins will be running around the streets collecting candy from unsuspecting victims!  ha, well, not really unsuspecting victims but still… Which brings me to… holidays!  If you’re ever stuck looking for marketing ideas then you can always count on holidays. I want to share with you this email […]

Kick Butt Copywriting Exercise That Will Make Or Break Your Sales Letters

Here’s a great copywriting exercise originally, written in April 2015, you should be doing so you can write those killer sales letters that bring in loads of customers and clients!! Try it out! Last week I bought the great late Gary Halbert’s How to Write a Sales Letter that Will Make You Rich Seminar Transcript. […]

4 Key Secrets To Creating The Framework To Your Marketing Campaigns

Cleveland is on FIRE!!!!  The Indians are going to the World Series!!!  Wow.  Great time to be living in Cleveland… you know, because we actually have winning sports teams, Dan Kennedy lives here, and… I live here!  🙂 Ah, great times. Anywho, today I want to talk to you about the 4 key secrets to […]

Don’t Force Your Prospects To Think

Welcome back to another ‘Back-to-the-Basics’ Monday!  I’m your host, the Duke of Marketing, David Hunter (say it in a nice French accent, ha).  Reviewing John Caples copywriting book, Making Ads Pay, I stumbled across a great saying. John said:  “Don’t force the reader to think.  Do his thinking for him.” Ah, yes!  We mere humans […]