3 ‘Musts’ For All Of Your Marketing

Everywhere I look… and I still can’t believe all of the worthless marketing out there.

I get the same ‘ole boring mail which just states the name and contact information of the business.  I see billboards that businesses use for ‘branding.’  Really, all I see is garbage.  They don’t have a headline.  No offer.  No Call-to-Action.  Nothing-Nadda-Zip

When you’re creating your next marketing piece, no matter what it is (postcard, sales letter, online ad, billboard, flyer, etc.), you need these 3 ‘Musts’ for all of your marketing.

What are these 3 ‘Musts?’  They are:

  1. Headline:  You need a headline to grab your readers attention.  Who’s your product/service for?  Call them out by name.  State a benefit and what problem your product/service will solve.  Example:  ‘FREE Report Reveals How To Sell Your Home In 30 Days Or Less, Guaranteed!’
  2. Offer:  Your offer should be some kind of Lead Generation Magnet.  When I was in real estate I was offering a free Home Seller’s Guide.  This got potential home sellers to raise their hands letting me know they were interested in the guide (which, the benefit was I knew they were thinking of selling now or in the future before any other real estate agents knew about it… WIN).Your offer doesn’t always have to be a free report.  Say you’re a landscaper, you could offer 1 free trial cut just for trying you out without any strings attached.  Shoot, that’s definitely what I’d offer!  I see too many landscapers offering a 1 free cut with a contract.  Be different.  Stand out.
  3. Call-to-Action (CTA):  Now this is really important, and most people simply put their name, phone number, and maybe a website and think that’s a CTA.  They’re WRONG.Your CTA should give specific instructions on your prospect can get your offer.  Back to the Home Seller’s Guide above, the CTA could be:  “To receive your FREE Home Seller’s Guide, visit:  FakeWebsite.com/Guide or call our 24/7 voicemail hotline and leave your name, address, and phone number (incase your address cuts out) and we’ll send your Home Seller’s Guide out to you right away!”
  4. Bonus Tip:  Only collect the contact information from your prospect that you’re going to use.  The more you ask for the less prospects will request your offers, but the ones who do request your offers with the most information will likely be your best prospects.  Just something to think about.

So there you have.

If you don’t have a Headline, Offer, and Call-to-Action on your marketing pieces then now’s the time to get them on there!  No more wasting money on marketing that doesn’t produce leads.

Have any marketing pieces you’d like to share with or without the 3 ‘Musts’ above?  I’d love to see them!  Either attach them to your comment below, reply to the email (if you got this article by email), or click on the ‘Contact’ tab above.

Now go take action!

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