4 Key Secrets To Creating The Framework To Your Marketing Campaigns

Cleveland is on FIRE!!!!  The Indians are going to the World Series!!!  Wow.  Great time to be living in Cleveland… you know, because we actually have winning sports teams, Dan Kennedy lives here, and… I live here!  🙂

Ah, great times.

Anywho, today I want to talk to you about the 4 key secrets to creating the framework to your marketing campaigns.

As I was reading through last month’s issue of the No B.S. Marketing Letter, I was reading about a marketing formula I never heard before…

F.S.M.C. Formula

Now the secrets out!  Here’s what F.S.M.C. stands for:





This is basic framework you need to creating your marketing campaigns.

Here’s how it works:

FINISH:  You need to start with the end in mind.  What are you trying to get your prospects to do?  What’s the end goal of your marketing campaign?

Let’s say you’re selling real estate (this can be done with any business… if you need help with ideas for your specific business then feel free to reach out to me)… your end goal would be to get a home seller to list their house with you.  So how do we get there?

START:  Here’s where your prospects will start.  This is how they’ll end up in your marketing campaigns.

An example would be sending out postcards to your farm area offering a no-cost home seller’s guide.  All the prospects would have to do is fill out a form either offline or online giving up their contact information in exchange for the home seller’s guide.

Now they’re in your marketing campaign!

The next step is your…

MILESTONES:  You need to have a clear path on what happens along the journey from START to FINISH.

When the home seller opts-in for the home seller’s guide that would be the first MILESTONE.  Now you need to define what the next milestone is… which is to get an appointment to see the home.

Now this is where you get to the…

CONTINGENCIES:  What happens between each milestone?  How will you keep your prospects on track to the finish?

Say the home seller opted-in to get the home seller’s guide.  Now what do you do?  You continue to market to them!!

You’ll want to create a few steps.  Say you have their email and address.  You’ll want to follow up via email and direct mail.  You’ll want to include call to actions to get your prospects to the next step which is… getting the appointment!  Don’t go in for the kill just yet.  Just ask for the appointment to see the house.  Tell them you won’t ask them to sign anything… you’re there just to view the house and get some ideas for them.

Once they opt-in to schedule an appointment with you, you’ll then be off to another milestone which is to get them to list their house with you.  Then you create your start and contingencies until you reach your end goal (FINISH).

This is the 4 key secrets to creating the framework to your marketing campaigns.

Just remember F.S.M.C. Formula:

  • (FINISH) Start with the end in mind.
  • (START) How will you get your prospects into your marketing campaign?
  • (MILESTONES) What’s the journey?
  • (CONTINGENCIES) How are you going to keep your prospects on track?

If you don’t have the framework in place for your marketing campaigns then what do you have in place?  How are you getting your prospects to the finish line?

Comment below and let me know how you are (or aren’t) getting your prospects to the finish line.

Now go take action!

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