7 Deadly Mail-Order Mistakes

Don’t let the title fool you.  Just because it says, ‘mail-order’ doesn’t mean this isn’t for you.

Anywho, these 7 Deadly Mail-Order Mistakes come from the late-great Maxwell Sackheim in his book, Billion Dollar Marketing (Great book by the way.  If you can find a copy I suggest you snatch it up).

Let’s get to it shall we?!

7 Deadly Mail-Order Mistakes

MISTAKE #1:  Offer The Wrong Merchandise – Whether Goods or Services

You may think you know what your customers/clients want, but do you REALLY know what they want?

MISTAKE #2:  Offer Merchandise At The Wrong Price

Not just talking about a “competitive” price, but does it work with your margins?  Are you going to be making money or are you going to be scrambling to pay your bills?

MISTAKE #3:  The Wrong Offer

Are you sure your customers/clients want what you’re offering?

MISTAKE #4:  Wrong Timing

If you’re a roofer and send a postcard to a nearby neighborhood to fix ‘hail’ damage, but you haven’t seen hail in over a year, then you have some bad timing (If hail comes down hard today, you want postcards in the mail the next day to inspect hail damage… that’s PERFECT Timing).

MISTAKE #5:  The Use of Wrong Lists

If you’re going to rent or buy a list of potential prospects then make sure it’s the correct one.  If you’re selling makeup, you don’t want to be targeting single men, you want to be targeting women!

MISTAKE #6:  The Wrong Format

Are you sending postcards?  Sales letters in Envelopes?  Big?  Small?  Lumpy?  3D?  Be sure you’re sending your message with the right format.

MISTAKE #7:  Bad Management

Are you managing your marketing campaigns?  Are you paying attention to all of the details… from the copy, to pictures, to the postage, to the paper, color, etc?

Look, marketing is not just throwing together a campaign and crossing your fingers.  It’s about getting the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT MARKET using the RIGHT MEDIA at the RIGHT TIME.

And, how do you figure all of this out?  You test everything!

Test different formats, test different pictures, test different headlines, test different offers, test different deadlines, test different markets.  Just test-Test-TEST.

These 7 Deadly Mail-Order Mistakes accompany the 7 ‘Costly’ Marketing Mistakes You’re Making course, which you can get by subscribing below…

Now go take action!

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