7 Keys to Disney’s Success

If there’s one business in the world that knows all about customer service then it’s Disney!

I’m going to share with you the 7 Keys to Disney’s Success from the book:  Inside The Magic Kingdom:  Seven Keys to Disney’s Success by Tom Connellan.

7 Keys to Disney’s Success:

  1. The competition is anyone the customer compares you with.
  2. Pay fantastic attention to detail.
  3. Everyone walks the talk.
  4. Everything walks the talk.
  5. Customers are best heard through many ears.
  6. Reward, recognize, and celebrate.
  7. Xvxryonx makxs a diffxrxncx (Think about this one)

Let’s take a quick look at each one.

The Competition Is Anyone The Customer Compares You With

It may not be another amusement park, it could be the phone company.  If you call Disney and have great customer service over the phone, and you called up your phone company the other day and the customer service was horrible then you’ll compare the two calls.

Though they are two totally different businesses and not direct competitors, but they become competition when the customer starts to compare you with them.

Pay Fantastic Attention To Detail

Sure, you’re going to be attention to detail with the customers product/service, but how about the little details you’re missing.  Maybe you have a store front and there are spider webs in the corners of the walls.  Maybe paint is chipping off the front door.

Pay attention to detail with EVERYTHING.  How’s you’re appearance?  Hmm…

Everyone Walks The Talk

Do all of your employees/team members walk the walk?  If you say you have fantastic customer service do ALL employees give that same service, or do some slack?

How’s your employees doing their jobs?  Is everyone courteous?

Everything Walks The Talk

Not just everyone, but EVERYTHING must walk the talk.

If you a car detailer, is your car always clean or when clients come to drop off their cars they see you pull up in a mud covered vehicle?  (This also goes back to Pay Fantastic Attention to Detail.)

Customers Are Best Heard Through Many Ears

Say you own a restaurant… What are the greeters hearing the customers say?  How about the servers?  Does the manager come around asking how everyone’s meal is?

Everyone should always be listening to what the customers are saying.

Reward, Recognize, and Celebrate

Pretty self explanatory… If you get a letter from a customer saying how great so-and-so was, and how well they treated them, be sure to reward said so-and-so, give them recognition, and celebrate it!

Xvxryonx Makxs A Diffxrxncx

Every single employee in your business makes a difference to the customer experience.  From the administration, to the customer service rep, to the shipping department, to the janitor, etc.

You can learn a lot by studying Disney.  Disney is also the Millionaire Maker’s (aka: Dan Kennedy) favorite place to go on vacation!  Because you just can’t beat the customer service.

If you’d like to go into greater depth of the Magic Kingdom, and start implementing these lessons into your business, then get yourself a copy of Inside The Magic Kingdom:  Seven Keys to Disney’s Success by Clicking Here.

Now go take action!


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