A Personalized Direct Mail Example from National Pen Company

The National Pen Company (NPC) does it again!

I’ve shared my experience and other direct mail examples from NPC before, but this time they have done it again.

What’s coming up next month?  The New Year!

What better way to market to your clients than by sending them a calendar for the year!

Not only is this a calendar, but it’s personalized with my name and Duke of Marketing.

Check it out:

NPC 1 Front

Notice the envelope.

  • There’s a picture of the calendar that’s on the inside, branded with my personal offer (free marketing kit) and the link.
  • Personalized address with my name, not just “Business Owner.”
  • And there’s a sense of Urgency.  “Hurry… Before Supplies Run out!”

(Note:  There was nothing on the back of this envelope)

Here’s a closer look at the picture on the front of the envelope:

NPC 2 Front Zoomed

Again, notice they included my offer and direct link.  This is the same offer I used when I ordered pens from them over a year ago, and they kept great records of it.

Pretty neat.

Here’s a picture of the calendar that was inside the envelope (It matches the picture on the front of the envelope):

NPC 3 Calendar

Here you can see a clear shot of my tag line along with an offer for the free marketing kit.  This is what it would look like if I decided to order a bunch for my clients.  Or, I could change the message to something else, but I like this.

I’ll tell ya what, it does feel like a quality calendar with beautiful pictures.  I’ll definitely be hanging this one up.

I’m a nature lover, so I definitely love this calendar (How did NPC know this?!).

New Customers: Free Shipping and Setup with coupon FREESHS

And, NPC doesn’t stop there.  Check out the next two pictures:

NPC 4 Flyer

NPC 5 Flyer

Hmm, would you look at that.  A note from the CEO and another flyer with more offers!

Look at the flyer:

  • There’s another enticing offer, that’s free!  “Free With Your Order…”
  • There’s urgency with “Hurry!  For a limited time only!”
  • And, there’s an offer for envelopes to put your calendars in as a gift.

Now check out the note from the CEO:

  • Before you decide not to order… (most people probably see this envelope in the mail and decide right away not to order, so the CEO speaks directly to them)
  • Sounds like mail-order advertising with the, “The vibrancy of the colors in the photos pop right off the pages at you…”
  • The CEO tells you what to do, “Check our prices against any other calendar…”

I’d go a step further and have a stronger call to action with the note.  Maybe even mention what’s already on the flyer, “Get FREE Superball Pens with your order when you order today!  But hurry, for a limited time only!”

There was also a reply envelope (no postage necessary) and an order form.

And, the order form was already ready to go!  It says you get 1 FREE Superball Pen for every calendar you order and the imprint they already put on the calendar is already on the order form.  So, all you have to do is check how many you want and send off the order form!

Oh, and they say, “Send NO MONEY NOW!

Sheesh!  What great marketing NPC does.  I’d highly recommend getting on their mailing list.  I bought pens to get on their list, but you could always request free samples by clicking here.

Remember:  personalize – Personalize – PERSONALIZE and offer quality products, and always be sure to continue to follow up!  There’s always something you can say or offer.

So how are you marketing to your clients?  If you sell products, do you send free samples?  Or, how about services… maybe you send new reports every month, etc.

Be sure to leave your comments below.

Now go take action!



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