All You Have To Do Is TAKE ACTION

I’m just going to come right out with it… Want to know the Ultimate Success Secret?


Simple enough, yes?

Ah, I wish.

It seems I always come up with these new marketing/business ideas.  I get really excited about them, then a few days pass by and the ideas go on the backburner until I turn off the stove.

But, when I write down my ideas and go for it, and I mean REALLY GO FOR IT AND TAKE MASSIVE ACTION, I get my ideas out and get things done, which, ultimately, leads to success.


See, even J. Money at (If you’re into personal finance, J. has a great blog for you) says to go “all in.”

And, don’t be fooled about just writing down your ideas and going for you.  You need to TAKE ACTION as soon as possible… as in, as soon as you write it down start taking action until it’s finished, and go all in!  I don’t care if it’s a blog post, new video, marketing campaign, writing some copy for your newspaper ad (yes, newspaper ads work, if done right), or just wanting to clean your filthy house.

You need to TAKE ACTION.

Why do you think I always tell you to TAKE ACTION at the end of every post?  Because, I know if you don’t take action right then and there you probably never will.  It still happens to me all the time.  But I do know when I take action I get projects done and never have to think about them again.

I want you to comment below and tell me about ideas/projects/etc. that you have had, but never accomplished because you let them get away.

Here’s two quotes from Dan Kennedy (the Millionaire Maker and Marketing Genius) I want to share with you before I go:

“There are three types of people:  those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.”


“Ideas are like slippery little fish.  They get away easily… unless you spear them with a pencil.”

I’m going to add: don’t just spear your ideas with a pencil… fillet them before they go bad.

Ok, got it?  Great!

Now go TAKE ACTION on a project you have been putting off and let me know how it goes!!!

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