Always Make An Offer In Your Advertising

special-offerWhere Is The Offer

One thing that I hate seeing about advertisements is… most businesses never offer anything.  Nothing, nada, zip.

One of the key components to Direct-Response Marketing is ALWAYS having an offer in all of your advertising.  Whether it’s postcards, ads in a magazine or paper, website, flyers, brochures, etc. always have an offer.

What can you offer?  Well, can you offer a little premium (re: gift) to new customers?  Buy one get one free?  Save 40% by responding before… Get a special FREE report… etc. and etc.

All of these are offers.  If you are in the personal finance industry, you could offer a free report on how to save $700 every month starting now.  Maybe you are in the health foods business.  You could offer a free report on how eating so-and-so can help you lose the extra 10 pounds of fat you’re trying to burn.

In the multi-billion dollar pet business?  You can offer FREE samples of dog treats or toys.  Make sure to make the offer irresistible.  **NOTE:  It is ok to lose money to gain a new customer.  You must think long term.  How much is that customer worth next month?  Maybe a year from now or 10 years from now.  How many people has that customer referred to you?  Think about it…**

Also, instead of a free report you could offer a DVD or CD interview from you with a special guest.  The offers are limitless.  Just be sure to tie it into your marketing and make sure you ALWAYS have an offer.

Now go take action!


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