Always Make An Offer On All Of Your Marketing

That’s right!  Know matter where or what your marketing is, ALWAYS MAKE AN OFFER (this is Direct-Response Marketing).  The offer could be a free gift, report, or anything else that you can think of that relates to your business.

Just recently, I created a Home Sellers’ Guide for real estate (You may have noticed in a previous post that I started mailing these guides out to expired listings in my 3D Mail).

Well, I made an offer on our website under the “selling” tab, so whenever any clicks on the “selling” tab they will see the offer.  There is a headline, along with a picture of the booklet, and instructions on how to receive the book (whether they want a PDF version or a paper copy).  I also have testimonials underneath and all over the website.

So today, I see an email with “Sellers Guide” in the subject line.  I go right to that email to see a lady asking for the Sellers Guide along with her name and address!  I responded right away and told her that she will have her Sellers Guide by tomorrow (usually I’d mail it, but she lives a few streets away from my boss, so she will deliver it to the home owner).

It’s exciting to seeing the work you put into your marketing come to life and actually show results.

Gotta love Direct-Response Marketing!

What kind of offers are you making?  Are you getting any responses?

Now go take action!

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