An ‘OK’ Postcard Example Using Every Door Direct Mail [Plus My Review]

I received an ‘OK’ postcard for a Frozen Yogurt & Juice Bar Café that was mailed using the USPS’s Every Door Direct Mail (I love-Love-LOVE EDDM)!

Now it wasn’t a perfect postcard, but it had a lot going for it.

The first thing that grabbed my attention was the size.  It was a perfect square (6.5″ x 6.5″) and mailed using EDDM.  If you don’t know, Every Door Direct Mail is a cheap way to mail oversized postcards through the USPS without needing any addresses.  Just pick mail routes and ship ’em out.

Anywho, back to the postcard.  Here’s a picture of the front of the postcard:

Sweet CeCe's Front

Like most businesses, they have their name right up on top.  Not what I’d go for, but they do claim to have the “Best” frozen desserts in town!  But, they failed to prove it on their postcard (have any newspaper write ups saying you’re the best?  How about testimonials from happy-go-lucky customers?).

They also mentioned ‘features’ of their café.  “Amazing juices and smoothies.  Delicious café items like salads, Panini, kid’s meals, and more!”  Well… what are the benefits of these features?  Maybe an enjoyable night with friends to reminisce about their life experiences.  Or, maybe just to catch up or just for the fun of it.

A couple things they did get right…

  • They have “Coupons and Map on Back!”  Yes!  They’re giving direction (not just directions to their store, but taking their clients by the hand and directing them on what to do next… flip over the postcard).
  • They have a great design.  Though, great designs don’t sell.  Great copy sells.

Now check out the coupons and map on the back:

Sweet CeCe's Back

Again, if you’re new to EDDM, then notice in the upper right of the postcard you’ll see the EDDM Retail indicia and the “Local Postal Customer.”  That’s all you need to mail out these postcards (of course, there’s paper work for you to fill out, but it’s all easy-peasy).

Ok, now to the nuggets.

When you flip over to the back of the postcard you see the coupons and map just as it’s mentioned on the front.  Brownie points!

I’ll tell you what, 40% off any item is a pretty darn good deal.  But, here’s a problem, it doesn’t have a Call-to-Action (CTA).  Sure, you there’s the coupons, but it doesn’t tell you what to do.  It should say something along the lines of, “Stop on in by June 16 and enjoy 40% off any café item, juice or smoothie!”

They do have a little CTA about finding them on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.  But… do people really want to have to do work to find you?  NO!  Give them the direct links.  Make it easy for them to get in contact with you.  Find us at… pooey!  This isn’t Where’s Waldo.

Oh, and notice they do have pictures of people enjoying their products.  That’s a plus!

Obviously this postcard isn’t the greatest postcard ever, but you know what… they got it out there and had an offer.  Sure, the copy needs works, but most businesses never-ever market.  So kudos to them!

Now I ask you, what would you change if this was your postcard?  What would you say?  Would you have a different offer?

Share you thoughts in the comment section below.

Now go take action!

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