Annoying Pest Becomes Welcome Guest

Go away you pest!

Go away you pest!

So, I started this blog a couple of weeks ago.  I’ve really had it for a few months, but the darn thing was sooo slow it would take a few minutes to load and logging on was a hit or miss.  Since I was having so many problems with the servers it just fell to the wayside.

GoDaddy’s Hosting Is Horrible

So, as you can guess, I had my blog with GoDaddy hosting.  I kept emailing them, getting one of those stupid support tickets, and they would respond saying that I probably have too many plugins which slow down the site.  The problem with their response was… I didn’t have any plugins on my site!  I just started and picked out a theme and could barely log on.

That made me realize they were never even going to my site to check it out and found the problem.  They just said they looked at their servers and they’re running fine.  Well, they weren’t running fine for me.

Anywho, this is when I turned to Twitter and started talking with a small biz hosting company.  As we’re going back and forth on Twitter guess who shows up and interrupts the conversation… you guessed it, GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Attempts To Redeem Themselves

So, anyways, as the little pest GoDaddy interrupts our conversation on Twitter, they asks me if I will give them one more shot while they look into the problem.  I figure, since I’m now talking to a real live person (CJ) I’ll give them another shot.

CJ gets back to me a few minutes later and asks me if there is any reason why I’m using Windows Hosting over Linux Hosting.  I told him I picked Windows Hosting because I’m on a Windows computer.  It only made sense.  Right?

Whelp, CJ said that their Linux Hosting is the preferred hosting for WordPress (I wish someone told me that at the beginning).  He said it’s an easy fix which I can just change my hosting plan to Linux without any cost.  So, I updating my hosting to Linux Hosting and a few hours later my site went live again.

Now I had another problem, some of my pages were missing!  D’OH!  I went on Twitter and emailed Godaddy (CJ) and he got right back to me and said he’d check it out.  A few minutes later he tweeted me back (in doctor language) that he added some script thingy and I’m all set to go.  I checked my site and low-and-behold it works!  And, it’s now fast!

Sometimes Annoying Pests Become Welcome Guests

At first I thought, oh-no, why is GoDaddy bothering me!  But, now, I’m glad they did.  They also saved themselves a client and I couldn’t be happier.

What can you learn from all of this?  We’ll, for one, research where you clients are and see what they are saying about you.  If they are complaining, become a welcome guest and solve their problems.  Also, FOLLOW UP with your clients to be sure they are happy with your product/service and see if there is anything you can help them with.  It only takes a phone call, email, or tweet and a few minutes of your time, and that can lead to a customer for life (and lots of money).

Now go take action!

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