Are You Creating Emotion With Your Marketing?


Not sure if you’ve heard, but the Cleveland Cavs had their Championship Parade in downtown Cleveland today.  And can you guess how many people showed up?

Estimates were at 1.3 million people.  That’s 1,300,000 people downtown.  That’s like a fourth of the population for all of Northeast Ohio.  Crazy!

But, how in the world did they get that many people downtown?

Well, it’s all about…


Emotion.  Cleveland has been waiting for 52 years to win a championship and they finally got it!

Basically, the whole city shut down for this parade.

People were just so thrilled to finally have one a championship their emotions got to them.  How could they not be excited?!

Whelp, that excitement (emotion) got them to fight traffic and be squeezed person-to-person (good like trying to go to the bathroom) just to get a glimpse of the parade.


So this brings me to… how are you creating ’emotion’ with your marketing?  How are you driving truck loads of people to your business to buy your products and services?  What kind of emotions are you using?

Feel free to share in the comments below for a little feedback from yours truly.  Also, if you have examples of ads, direct mail, etc. that you’ve used to create emotion feel free to share them!

Also, I just want to say I’m proud to be a Clevelander!

Rock on, Cleveland!

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