Back-to-the-Basics: Advertising Is Salesmanship

This past week I was in VA Beach helping my dad because he just had surgery on his foot.  Thankfully, he’s healing up really well and should be well on his way next week!  Phew

Oh, and it actually snowed about an inch while I was down there… and I was amazed to see schools and businesses closing.  Here in Cleveland we need like 2 feet of snow for them to even consider closing anything.  haha

Anywho, today’s ‘Back-to-the-Basics’ comes from Claude Hopkins’ book Scientific Advertising.

Here’s how you need to look at all of your marketing and advertising:

Advertising is Salesmanship

Well, what do you know!  Your advertising is salesmanship.  Every piece of your advertising and marketing has a job to do.  And that’s to sell your prospects, customers, and clients on to the next step.

Maybe that job is for your prospects to request a free report, or to call for a free quote.  Or, maybe it’s to get them to buy one pizza get one free.  It could even been inviting your prospects, customers, and clients to a special event you’re holding at your store.

This is one reason why long form sales letters outsell short form sales letters… because long form sales letters you can put in a lot more details about your product/service… which does more selling.

So, the next time you’re creating your next winning marketing piece, remember:  Advertising is Salesmanship.  Start selling!

Now go take action!

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