Back-to-the-Basics: Always Follow Up!

Before I get to another Back-to-the-Basics, I just want to congratulate Jess for winning February’s giveaway!  Jess won a copy of No B.S. Trust-Based Marketing by marketing-master Dan Kennedy.  Congratulations!

(If today wasn’t your Leap day… I mean, lucky day, you can still get a copy of No B.S. Trust-Based Marketing HERE)

Now off to another ‘Back-to-the-Basics!’

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll notice this one thing is recurring in my articles.

What is it?  It’s…

Always Follow-Up With Your Prospects, Customers, and Clients!

Easier said than done, right?  And it’s one of the most basic marketing and sales strategies there are.  Yet most people fail at it and I’ve been guilty of it, many times.

So this Thursday, I’m going to write more in-depth about following-up with your prospects, customers, and clients.  I’m also going to use February’s Giveaway as an example about following-up and share some details about it.  Oh, and I’ll announce March’s giveaway!  🙂

Until Thursday… Go follow-up with your prospects, customers, and clients!

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