Back-to-the-Basics: Appeal To Your Prospects

Good morning!  It was another beautiful Halloween and weekend here in Cleveland.  Seems the warm weather has rolled in and will be staying for the week.  YEAAAAH!

Today’s “Back-to-the-Basics” is from Making Ads Pay by advertising legend John Caples.

When ever you’re creating a new ad or marketing campaign remember this…

“We must realize that people are looking for ways to help themselves and better themselves and we will get the best results if we appeal to them along those lines.”

If you don’t appeal to your prospects then they’ll be off to someone else who does appeal to their interests.

So think about it… what are you prospects interested in?  What appeals to them?  What does your products/service do for them?

Keep this in mind the next time you create an ad or marketing campaign.

Now go take action!

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