Back-to-the-Basics: Clear Instructions

So, I don’t know what’s up with Mother Nature here in Cleveland.  She obviously didn’t have clear instructions that it’s Spring so she needs to bring Spring weather.  Who wants 5 inches of snow in April?  Not me.

Anywho, most people don’t give their prospects, customers, and clients ‘clear instructions’ on they you want them to do next.

You Will Give Clear Instructions

Most people get horrible results from their marketing because they don’t give clear instructions, they’re confusing, or they don’t give any instructions at all.

Take a look around at all the marketing you can find:  Mail, billboards, flyers, online ads, etc.  Notice, most of them will say the business name and give a phone number or email… something like this:

Need Lawn Care?
ABC Landscaping


You need to give CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS on what to do.

Need Lawn Care?
Call ABC Landscaping at 555-555-555 for your free cut (no obligation, no contract)
or email us at: Email

Or, say have online ads.  Instead of the normal “Buy Now” buttons you would want to say, “Click This Button to Buy Now.”

The other day I was browsing Facebook and came across a weekend seminar for Apologetics.  The post was a video advertising the seminar and the copy was, “Passionate about Apologetics APPLY NOW to the CrossExamined Instructor Academy 2016 in CA!”

No link, no phone number, no email, no anything!  I watched the short video and it just said to visit CrossExamined.  Well, I had to do some searching to find the website, and when I got there it was just a generic website.  I had to do some digging around to find any info on the seminar.

This is what I’d call a ‘Marketing Fail’ without any clear instructions on what to do or how to go about it.

So, don’t be like the majority of people who don’t give clear instructions or no instructions at all.

Tell your prospects, customers, and clients EXACTLY what to do and how to do it!

Got it?!  Good!

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Now go take action!

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