Back-to-the-Basics: Confused Prospects

Dazed and confused.

Is that what you’re doing to your prospects, making them dazed and confused about your products and services through your advertising?

If so, then Dan Kennedy can shed some light on this for you…

Confused prospects tend to do one thing and one thing only – NOTHING

“The safest path to success in advertising is to be very, very clear about your message:  What you sell, why they ought to buy it, and what you want them to do next.”

Wise words from a wise man.

Look, if your prospects see your ad in the paper with your business name, ‘Tucker’s’ and it says “Get Healthy Today,” and you just leave a phone number, chances are your ad is going to flop.

Because, what is Tucker’s?  Get healthy today… what does that mean?  Are you a nutritionist, gym, personal trainer, health food restaurant, supplement business, etc.?  Who knows.

But, if you say, “Tucker’s Fitness Studio:  Get Personal, One-on-One Fitness Training and Start Flaunting Your Beach Body by June, just Call: 555-555-5555 for Your FREE 7 Week Fast-Start Beach Body Guide,” then do you think you can guess what Tucker’s is?

Sure you can.  And, it gives clear instructions on what to do next and what you’ll get.

Are you prospects confused about your ads?  What changes can you make to your ads so your prospects will no longer be confused?

Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Now go take action!

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