Back-to-the-Basics: Don’t Be Another Salesman

What a great weekend!  Went to my cousin’s wedding, although it rained the whole time (it was an outdoor reception, though we did have a big tent), it was a blast!  Great to see family and friends.

It’s crazy how fast time goes.  I’ve been helping my uncle prepare for my cousin’s wedding for about a month now, and it’s all over with.  Time flies, so enjoy the limited time you got.

Anywho, I got another great “Back-to-the-Basics” Moneday for you with Dan Kennedy.  This time it’s from Dan’s book, No B.S. Trust-Based Marketing, and it’s about being a sales(wo)man.

Ready for it?…

“I can’t think of a bigger handicap in selling than to be seen as, perceived as, thought of, or felt as another salesman.  This must be avoided at all costs!”

Ever walk into a clothing store and the sales staff is on your like flies on poop?!  Well, don’t be those flies… I mean, those salesmen!

You want to be perceived as a “trusted advisor.”  Someone who’s out for the client’s best interest.

So, which are you, the fly or the trusted advisor?  Oh, and how was your weekend?!  Preparing for the fall?

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Now go take action!

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