Back-to-the-Basics: Enter The Conversation…

Happy Monday from snowy Cleveland, Ohio!

If you’re in Cleveland now, then my opening statement would make sense because ‘snow’ is what we’re all thinking right now, since we’re expecting up to 8 inches of heavy snow.

This brings me to our Back-to-the-Basics for today.

Today’s quote is from Robert Collier, one of the greatest copywriters of the early 1900s.  He said:

“Enter the conversation already going on in your prospect’s mind.”

When you’re creating your marketing campaigns you want to be saying what your prospects, customers, and clients are already thinking.

For example, say you’re a REALTOR, and you’re farming an area with postcards.  If you’re just sending postcards with your name and phone number then chances are you aren’t getting very many calls (My guess is you’re not getting any at all).

Ok, now, think about a married couple who are thinking about selling their home.  They just started discussing it with each other but aren’t really sure what the next step is…  And then you come in…

You invade their mailbox with a nice giant postcard with a headline that reads, “Thinking about selling your home?  Visit:  XXXXXX for your free copy of the Ultimate Home Seller’s Guide:  How to Prepare Your Home for Sale.”

See what happened there?  You entered the conversation already going on in the prospects mind.  The couple is having a ‘conversation’ about selling their house, and you come in telling them you have a free guide on how they can prepare their home for sale.

Now that’s entering the conversation already going on in your prospect’s mind!

And, this applies to any business.  What is it your prospects are thinking?  Do they have money problem and need a financial advisor?  Maybe your prospect is sick and tired of mowing their lawn and having their tractor break down so they’re thinking about hiring a lawn service.

Heck, maybe someone is thinking about their crooked teeth, but aren’t sure which dentist to call, and they’re afraid the dentist is going to cause them pain.

These are just a few examples of entering the conversation already going on in your prospect’s mind.

What about your business, what are your prospects, customers, and clients thinking?  What’s running through their heads?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and would could do a little brainstorming to see what else we can come up with.

Now go take action!


  1. Great reminder to help us newbies in the copywriting to stay focus.
    Question- when entering the conversation using a lead magnet, is it best to go for the “pain” or best to establish a level of trust?

    1. Hey J.Carlos,

      You always want to be building off of trust (Why should I listen to you? Testimonials, stories, etc.), but you also want to enter the conversation going on in your prospects heads. So, if they’re thinking about the pain in their wrists then you want to be talking about pain in their wrists and how you can help them (and if you have testimonials from clients who you have helped overcome the pain in their wrists then all the better because that’s where you’ll start to build trust).

      You could also split test your campaigns and but more testimonials in one, and the other could talk more about the pain and see what kind of response you get. Testing is the only true way to tell.

      -DH 🙂

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