Back-to-the-Basics: Getting What You Want

Today’s “Back-to-the-Basics” comes from The Dan Kennedy Letter in the No B.S. Marketing Letter.

It’s the secret to getting what you want.

Are you ready?!

“The secret to getting what you want is to only invite what you want in.”

Here’s the rest of the excerpt from the letter…

“This is a metaphysical secret, a mind-power secret, and a very pragmatic advertising and marketing secret.  It requires sophistication and courage.  Warning:  It’s the OPPOSITE of the way most people approach business or life, so you will be discouraged from adherence to it by many.  It’s best to get advice about getting what you want from people who really have what they want.  And there are a lot of ‘fat doctors who smoke’ busily telling others how to live.  Ignore them.”

Good one, Dan!!!

Don’t want something in your life then don’t let it in!

Only want certain clients then only market to them and let them in.

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Now go take action!


  1. Good one David! You’ve hit a raw nerve…

    “…And there are a lot of ‘fat doctors who smoke’ busily telling others how to live. Ignore them.”

    How can we disagree with this assertion? We cannot – it’s true.

    Just visit ‘down-under’ in my country of Australia sometime – and you won’t need to go far to see a wide variety of ‘fat doctors who smoke’ service providers – lecturing on how everybody else but them should do this and do that.

    – broke financial planners
    – plumbers with leaky taps
    – auto-mechanics with cars that cough black smoke
    – lawn and garden people with untidy gardens

    – marketing experts who don’t know how to market a matchstick!

    Dan Kennedy isn’t one of t-h-o-s-e folk – and they don’t call him the ‘Professor of Harsh Reality’ for nothing…

    Quick story: Only yesterday one of my daughters was on the phone telling me of her severe hay-fever symptoms.

    “Are you taking something for it?” I asked.

    “Yes – the pharmacist gave me a nasal spray (steroidal) and said it may take three or so days before I notice any change.”

    “What about your symptoms in the meantime?” I asked her.

    “Well Dad – I asked the pharmacist for something else to relieve the symptoms for the next few days and she told me, ‘no – take the spray and come back after three or so days if your symptoms don’t begin to settle.'”

    Now – it’s at this point I begin to channel the ‘Dan Kennedy Professor of Harsh Reality’ persona – and I mean big-time!

    “Sweety”, I said to me daughter, “you go back to that pharmacist and TELL them you are taking the nasal spray AND you want a packet of five once-daily non-sedating antihistamines for symptomatic relief.”

    “And you tell the pharmacist that you are a mother of an active three year old girl and also a stay-at-home wife and home-keeper – and YOU will decide what is best for your body and wellbeing.’

    Outcome – last night she did just that – and this morning she told me ‘I’m feeling the best I’ve been for days! Thanks Dad.’

    Think this topic of ‘knowing what you want or don’t want’ hits a raw nerve with me? You betcha!

    Harsh thinking? Maybe for some. But not for Dan Kennedy – and ot for me.

    Thanks again David for posting a reminder to never let the ‘fat doctors who smoke’ brigade decide on what’s best for me or my family – in ANY area of our lives.

    1. I always love reading your words of wisdom, Mike!

      Thanks for sharing your story about your daughter. I think I’ll be coming to you for advice the next time I get sick… hahaha 🙂


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