Back-to-the-Basics: Match Bait to Critter

Today’s ‘Back-to-the-Basics’ Monday is brought to you by master marketer Dan Kennedy.

How can you magnetically attract your perfect prospects, customers and clients?

Dan says to…

“Match Bait to Critter”

I just love that.  Match bait to critter!

Say you want to attract deer to your yard.  Would you put out a can full of warms?  Of course not.  You’d put out a big salt block to attract the deer.  If you want birds… then, yes, put out the warms.

Speaking of attracting birds, you could actually go even deeper.  Depending on ‘what kind’ of bird you want to attract, that’s the kind of bait you’d want to put in your yard.  If you want normal backyard birds then warms and birdseed work great.  If you want hawks and eagles then you’re going to need more than worms.  You’d need little critters like mice and possibly other small birds to attract the bigger birds.

The lesson here is you MUST match the right bait to the right critter.  That’s the only way to make your marketing work and attract your ideal prospects, customers, and clients.

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As always, feel free to ask any questions.

Now go take action!

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