Back-to-the-Basics: Never Stop Learning

It seems I’m doing it backwards…

I was always a curious person growing up, but one thing I didn’t do was read.  Heck, when we had school assignments to read a book and write a report I’d scan through the book, pick up some points, search online (wasn’t as good as it is today), and write up the report.

Learning?  Ha!  I only liked learning about the things that interested me.  It’s only natural, right?

It seems once most people graduate school they stop reading.  They stop learning.  They stop… living.

Me, I’ve started reading.  I’ve started learning.  I’ve started living.

Marketing has always interested me.  So, I’ve never had a problem learning about marketing.  But what about other subjects like history or animals or how we get clean water.

I’ve become fascinated with learning about anything and everything.  I just want to know how things tick.  Probably what I’m most fascinated learning about is the Bible.  When I dig into it, there’s more than just words in a book.  I’m learning the history, the translations, the people, the history 2,000 years ago.

It really is fascinating.  And, you know what?  Know matter what you start learning about it’s only going to help you in the future.

If you think about it EVERTYHING has a system (You know, we talk about Marketing Systems).  Well, everything in life has a system.

Do you know how a water tower works?  A little while back I was driving and saw a water tower and told myself I was going to learn about how water towers work.  Did you know that  water towers are build so high and usually on the highest ground around the city because it’s the pressure of the water which pushes all the water to all the residences?  If the electricity goes out you still have water.  It’s all about pressure.  Systems.

I’m at the point in my life where I love learning about everything.  I’m a curious soul.

So, now I’m even more curious… what is something you know that most people probably don’t know about?  Do you know how something works?  Do you have a magic recipe for food?  Can you identify birds as they fly through the air?

I’d like for you to share something you know.  Maybe it’s something you recently learned about and it was so fascinating that you just want to share it with the world!

Just leave a comment below and share something fascinating.  I can’t wait to learn about it!

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