Back-to-the-Basics: Persistence

Be honest with yourself… How persistent are you with your marketing?

Do you have a Marketing System in place, or are you doing the “One-and-Done” type of marketing where you just send out one postcard or one email, heck, even pick up the phone and call once, but never follow up a second or third time?

Whelp, I got to tell you, you need to be persistence with your marketing!  Don’t waste marketing dollars by not being persistent.

If you send a postcard and don’t get a response, then you need to follow up with another postcard/email/phone call.  If you pick up the phone and cold call, and the owner isn’t in, or said to call back later, then be sure to call back.

Most people stop short of the gold.  Don’t let that be you.


As the saying goes, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”  You may go ignored for some time, but as long as you keep squeaking you’ll eventually get noticed and get the grease (or, in your case, the MOOLAH).

Now go take action!


    1. Thanks! 🙂

      Are you testing different offers and messages? One offer may be better than another. Same with the messages. So, say you’re sending postcards. Create two different postcards with two different messages and offers and mail them to your list (one to one half and the other to the other half of your list).

      I’d also look at “time.” Especially now since you’re in the fitness industry. This is when people are going to be thinking about getting gifts for family/friends and starting to think about their own “Gotta get fit” New Year’s Resolutions.

      And… are you following up with other postcards, sales letters, emails, phone calls, etc. (whatever you can)?


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