Back-to-the-Basics: Results Rule

Is it me or is time flying?  It’s already the 11th day in the New Year… so, how are you doing with your marketing?

Today’s Back-to-the-Basics comes from Dan Kennedy in his book No B.S. Direct Marketing:

Results Rule.  Period.

This is Rule #9 out of Dan’s 10 No B.S. Marketing Rules… and, I say, the most important.

Say you come up with an irresistible offer, with a reason to respond right now, you give clear instructions on how to respond, and you follow up.  But, you’re not getting any business.  You’re not bringing in new clients or selling any products.

Hmm… then that means something is wrong.

There’s a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs who would keep running the same marketing campaigns getting the same results… NOTHING.

This is why results rule.  If you have the basics of the marketing campaign down, and still are getting results, then you must stop what you’re doing and change what you’re doing, because, obviously, what you’re doing isn’t working.

Whether you think you have a great marketing campaign, or your partner does, or a committee of 20 people things it’s great, it doesn’t matter.  RESULTS RULE.  PERIOD.

Now get out there and go take action and get the results you’re looking for!

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