Back-to-the-Basics: So What?!

Happy Monday!

Not sure about you, but here we’ve been having some beautiful weather lately.  Sunny skies in the 60s (Last year at this time it was snowing and 20 degrees… burrr).  Welcome to Cleveland.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “So what?!”

So what?!  So WHAT?!!!

I’ll give you so what!!!

Here’s a quote from the man who started the “Book of the Month Club,” Maxwell Sackheim from his book Billion Dollar Marketing (I suggest getting a copy… if you can find it).

“People go through life with their minds only half turned on, except when they’re promised an adequate reward for their full attention.  Ordinarily their attitude toward nearly everything they see, read, hear and experience is ‘SO WHAT?'”

How true is that?

You hear someone talking about something you have no interest in and you just thinking, “So what or who cares?!”  (I’m usually the ‘who cares’ guy)

So, think about this the next time you’re creating your marketing campaigns.

So what?!

And be sure it speaks through your advertisement.

Now go take action!


  1. What you say about ‘so what’ is so true David.

    Another terrific author to look-up is Roy Garn – in 1960 he wrote a little known classic on emotional appeal titled: The Magic Power of Emotional Appeal.

    Bottom line: everybody gets around with a trance-like pre-occupied mind. Nobody comes across our marketing message with a blank and empty mind.

    There’s ALWAYS something going on in the mind of the target audience.

    Our job as marketers, advertisers and copywriters is to first break that their trance-like pre-occupation – enough to get the prospect silently ask ‘so what?’but with interest.

    1. Thanks, Mike!

      I’ll have to check out Roy Garn’s book. Never heard of it before.

      Love the “…enough to get the prospect silently ask ‘so what?’but with interest.”

      Love it!!


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