Back-to-the-Basics: test-Test-TEST

Whoa?  Can you believe the weekend is already over?  Seems like summer flew by in a blink of an eye.  Oh well, just got to keep plugging away.

For today’s “Back-to-the-Basic’s” Monday with Dan Kennedy, we’re going to talk about “testing.”

“You cannot trust your own judgment.  Test, test, test.  Then test some more.”

Whether you have a new marketing campaign going out, a new product, or even having employees at the registers collecting contact info… you always need to be testing!

Don’t trust your own judgment.  Just because YOU think you have a great product/service, a great marketing campaign, etc., doesn’t mean it’s actually great.

Your prospects/customers/clients are the ultimate test.  If they’re not biting at a marketing promotion, then something isn’t right.  If your employees are trying to collect contact info, but aren’t getting it, then something isn’t right.  If nobody is buying your products, then something isn’t right.

So, if something isn’t working then you need to change it.  Test small and analyze the results.

Always test-Test-TEST.

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