Be Different With Your Offers

You know what really grinds my gears?

Seeing businesses do the same marketing as their competitors.

Look in your local paper or coupon book.  Look at the landscapers… all offering a discount to out bid their competitors, same goes with roofers, plumbers, electricians, restaurants, etc.

Why?!!!  Why not be different?

In the real estate biz, the top agents send out just listed/just sold postcards.  Think they get business from this?  Of course not.

What did I do in the real estate biz?  I sent out cards saying we just sold a house and be sure to get a copy of your “FREE Home Sellers’ Guide.”  Think we get business from this?  Of course we do!

It’s a non-salesy way to get prospects to respond, without feelling like you’re going to try to sell them.

What could a landscaper do?  Create a short video with some tips on landscaping… maybe cutting the grass, pulling weeds, different kinds of flowers and trees to plant… maybe even a video on creating your dream patio!

The landscaper could take a screenshot of the video, put it on a postcard, and direct prospects to go to a special link (where they put in their contact info) and they’ll get access to the video.

Any type of business can do this.  The automotive business can create short videos on car maintenance, the restaurant can create videos on how to make the special poo-poo platter (haha). Divorce lawyer? How about offering a guide to divorce with all the standard forms and options for a divorce. Educate your prospects!

Make an offer your competitors aren’t doing!

Here’s some offers to get your creative juices flowing:

  • free booklet
  • free report
  • free product sample
  • free gift
  • video with how-to tips
  • enter contest to win X

What else can you add to this list?

When doing your marketing, think outside of the box!!  Don’t look at what your competitors are doing and copy them… NO!  Be Bold and Be Different!

Are you currently copying your competitors?  How can you be different with your marketing?

Share your thoughts below or shoot me a private message by visiting the Contact tab above.

Now go take action!

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