See You In The… Fall?

As you can tell, it’s been 2 weeks since I have posted a new article. I’ve been pretty busy with getting back into shape, talking to old friends, and trying to start a new super-duper-awesome Magazine/Newsletter/Newspaper for the spiritual side of things.  So I haven’t been online much and trying to take things more “offline.” […]

What’s Your Lifetime Value Of A Customer?

*It’s Throwback Thursday! Today’s post was originally published in March 2014, about collecting your prospects’, customers’, and clients’ contact info and figuring out their LTV or Lifetime Value of a Customer. (Did you know your best customers are you existing customers?!!) Enjoy! So, a customer comes into your business and buys a product from you. […]

Two Of The Best Marketing Principles From 2,000 Years Ago

I haven’t done a ‘Back-to-the-Basics’ in awhile, but I was reading Rick Warren’s book Purpose Driven Church (Recommended by the Millionaire Maker Marketing Genius… Dan Kennedy… and when Dan recommends you read something you read it!), and it is full of marketing genius! But two things really caught my eye that applies to marketing in general, and will apply to […]

5 UN-Creative Thoughts About Creativity

Today is a guest post from the Marketing Genius himself… Dan Kennedy (AKA:  The Millionaire Maker)!  Dan is going to talk about the 5 UN-creative thoughts about creativity. Enjoy! 5 UN-Creative Thoughts About: Creativity Entrepreneurs and marketers are constantly challenged to be creative.  But creativity as it is commonly thought of and practiced is sin […]

He’s Baaack!!!

The rumors are true! After a couple of months of slowing down… Dan Kennedy (the Millionaire Maker Marketing Genius) is back in full force writing his articles in the No B.S. Marketing Letter!  Woot-Woot!! One of Dan’s most well known Marketing Secrets (which you can occasionally find in the No B.S. Marketing Letter) is his […]