Boo! Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Today the little ghouls and goblins will be running around the streets collecting candy from unsuspecting victims!  ha, well, not really unsuspecting victims but still…

Which brings me to… holidays!  If you’re ever stuck looking for marketing ideas then you can always count on holidays.

I want to share with you this email marketing sample that’s done by National Pen (I’ve written about their marketing before which you can check out by clicking here).

Here’s the picture email I received a few days ago:


Check it out.  It’s short and sweet, “CLICK for a big surprise!”  Who doesn’t want to know what the surprise is, especially since I’m a customer!  So, when I click on it the link takes me to their webpage with a special offer:


Notice their “spooky” savings and they even have a deadline.  Who would have thought?!

Also notice how easy their marketing campaign was… An email sent to their customer list with a simple picture saying “CLICK for a big surprise” and then a special webpage for their offer.

Simple enough, eh?

So what are you waiting for?!  Get working on your next marketing campaign… it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Now watch your back… there may be a big, scary monster lurking behind you… MUAHAHAHAHA

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