BTTB: Listen!

Originally posted in 2015.  Enjoy!

Good evening!!!

I bet you thought I forgot about doing a Back-to-the-Basics today. Whelp, sorry to disappoint, but here I am!

Today’s Back-to-the-Basics comes from Dan Kennedy about LISTENING.

“In selling, you should be listening WITH PURPOSE.
Not just to build rapport, not to be polite, not to flatter, not to seduce, but more for
strategic acquisition of important and useful information.”

Imagine how much information you can pick up from a prospect or client if you just listen with purpose. You may be able to use that information later when the time comes to knock their socks off!

Heck… go out into nature, close your eyes, and just listen with purpose. You’ll be surprised what you hear.

No more wondering ears. Got it?

No go take action and start LISTENING WITH PURPOSE!

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