BTTB: There Is Never Enough…

Wow!  It seems like forever since I’ve done a ‘Back to the Basics’ with Dan Kennedy.

I’m Baaack!

Today, I’m going to share with you Dan Kennedy’s Eternal Truth #15 from his book No B.S. Business Success (I highly recommend finding a copy to add to your library).

It’s about never having enough…

Dan Kennedy’s Eternal Truth #15

“There is never enough time (or enough of any other resource, for that matter).  Entrepreneurs learn to get what they want working with what they’ve got.”

You get that?  There’s never enough time or resources to get done what you need to get done.  You just have to use what you currently have to get those things done.

If you wait until you have enough money to do something… anything… then you’ll be waiting forever.  If you’re waiting for time then, that’s right, you’ll be waiting forever.

Work with what you have and the rest will come.

Now get out there and take action with what you already have!

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