BTTB: We Don’t Tell Direct Mail Anything

As I was reading through my *No B.S. Direct Marketing Letter, Dan Kennedy was talking about another marketing legend, Denny Hatch.

What Denny said is absolutely true, but most don’t believe it.

Here’s what Denny said:

“We don’t tell direct mail anything; It tells us.”

What does that mean?  We don’t tell direct mail anything; it tells us.

It means, you must always test-Test-TEST!  Go around and start asking the big ad agencies what a good mail piece looks like.  Go ask a graphic designer what a rockin’ postcard looks like.

Most likely than not, they’ll give you the wrong answer… and they won’t even know it!

Just because someone says something is great and will produce results doesn’t mean it actually will.

That’s why Denny says, “We don’t tell direct mail anything; It tells us.”  The only way to know what’s good with direct mail or any type of marketing is the RESULTS from said marketing.


So, no matter what anyone says, the only way to REALLY know if your marketing is GREAT and produces results is by testing.

Let your direct mail and all of your marketing campaigns, websites, email, postcards, newspaper ads, etc. TELL YOU.

Now get out there and test-Test-TEST!

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