[Postcard Example] Can You Guess What This Postcard Is Marketing???

A couple days ago I received a postcard in the mail.  It was a 4.25″ x 5.5″ sized postcard, which means teeny-tiny.

I couldn’t help by noticed the front of the postcard with the pictures on it.  I was wondering what services this postcard is marketing and, besides the pictures, the only word on the front is ‘SPRING.’  After looking at the pictures I could take a wild guess…

So, before I go on, I want to see if you can guess what this postcard is marketing.

Here’s the front:

Spring Postcard 1

Well, what kind of services is this postcard marketing?

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I’m going to reveal the answer in…











Allllllrighty then!  Did you make your guess?  No?  Well go make your guess now!

Ok, now did you make your guess?  “Yes!”  Good!  Great!  Grand!

If you said landscaping services then you’d be… wrong.  Sorry.  But I thought it was for landscaping services too, especially looking at the pictures.

And, if you said anything else besides landscaping, you’re probably wrong too.

So, what kind of services is this postcard marketing?  Well, take a look at the back:

Spring Postcard 2

By the looks of it, if you’re not from Ohio or the surrounding states, then you’ve probably never heard of Howard Hanna.  What is it?  And, you’re probably still wondering what services this postcard is offering by first glance.

But, if you read it, it says, “Coming soon… Think Spring!”  Yep, spring is definitely coming.  So what?

The message continues, “Cabin Fever is about to turn into Spring Fever.”  Ok… I’m still lost.  What does this have to do with anything?!!!

And continues with, “It is an exciting time of year… a breath of fresh air.  Whether buying or selling, Spring holds new beginnings!  We can explore the possibilities together.  Call…” 

Did… did you catch that?  I saw, “whether buying or selling…” in there.  It must be talking about buying and selling spring cleaning supplies, yes?


It’s about buying or selling a house.  Who would have thought?!!!  And, if I had to guess, this agent probably got ZERO responses from it.

This is a HORRIBLE postcard.  Unfortunately, this is the garbage most people send out.  Why?  Because they don’t know any better.  Sad.

Here’s a few ideas to make this postcard better:

  • Trash it and start over.  Really.
  • If you’re selling real estate, then have pictures of HOUSES.  It’s really that simple.  And, it’s better if they’re houses you just listed or just sold.  And mention it!  Oh, and you could even include testimonials from the buyers/sellers of said house.
  • Have an offer and Call-to-Action!  “We can explore the possibilities together.  Call…” is not an offer or CTA.  It’s basically saying leave me alone I don’t want your business.  Instead, offer a Lead Generation Magnet.  Since I was a real estate agent, I offered free Home Seller Guides to get potential home sellers to raise their hands (worked like a charm).  “Thinking about selling your house?  Request Your FREE Home Seller’s Guide!  Simply visit… or call…”
  • Include a ‘real’ website and email address, incase that’s how someone wants to contact you.  The broker websites don’t cut it.  You need your own website so you can have your own lead generation magnets on their with opt-in forms, so you can then put your prospects through a funnel.
  • Make it bigger!!!  BIGGER!!!  I was sending out 8.5″ x 11″ postcards.  Now that’s big, and will get noticed.  This little postcard the agent sent probably got lost in a lot of people’s mail and never got seen.  Go BIG and be SEEN!!!

So there you have it.

No matter what business you’re in make sure you’re not sending garbage like this!  Ok.  If I find out this is what you’re sending I’m going to be extremely distraught.

Got it?!!!  Good.

Now go take action!


  1. I knew exactly where you were heading with this one…I was just fighting with my boss about the same thing (on a business card).

    I was thinking that this would somewhat make sense for a Lowe’s or Home Depot promotion if a lawnmower was added (with 10% coupon on back), it could also work for female hormone replacement therapy. I can see the ad also working to advertise a ‘supplement’ to assist older men with a certain ‘marital’ function.

    1. Did you win over your boss?!!!

      I could see those as being possible options for the postcard. My first guess was a lawncare company. I’m probably going to call up the real estate agent tomorrow to see if she’ll be honest with me and let me know if she got any responses from the card. I’d like to know how many she sent out, etc. So, we’ll see!

      Thanks for sharing!


  2. I knew it had to do with gardening or something like that. But, when I looked at it for my purposes. I am selling property in an aviation community, in which every property owner is an aircraft owner, and and park their planes in hangars behind their homes. I thought that winter would be a better season to our target market, and send them a postcard showing a parked airplane covered with snow in their particular horrible winter weather northern state, and a beautiful weather picture of an airplane flying in Florida. It doesn’t get any better than flying in Florida! Then put a USP on the other side of a large post card.

    Well Duke of Marketing, I am 72, and I need to learn this fast, so what are your thoughts on a great USP for the other side?

    All the best,
    John Fazzini

    John Fazzini

    1. Hi John,

      Yeah, definitely looks like it’s for gardening or something to do with landscaping, etc.

      Wow, you’re marketing some interesting property. I just checked out your website too.

      I’ll think of some ideas and I’ll be in touch. 🙂

      -David Hunter

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