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[Postcard Example] Can You Guess What This Postcard Is Marketing???

A couple days ago I received a postcard in the mail.  It was a 4.25″ x 5.5″ sized postcard, which means teeny-tiny. I couldn’t help by noticed the front of the postcard with the pictures on it.  I was wondering what services this postcard is marketing and, besides the pictures, the only word on the front is ‘SPRING.’  After […]

[Postcard Example] Enter The Conversation Already Going On In Your Prospect’s Mind

Robert Collier, one of the greatest copywriters of the early 1900s, said, “Enter the conversation already going on in your prospects mind.” What does he mean by this?  Well, I’ve got an example of a great direct mail piece I want to share with you that enters the conversation already going on in the prospects mind. […]