Getting Things Done

Notes From The Total Business Growth Accelerator Livecast

So for the past week I sent out a few emails to you about the no-cost Total Business Growth Accelerator livecast that Dave Dee (Marketing Genius) of GKIC was hosting. Now I know some of you couldn’t be there, so I figured I’d share some of my notes with you… Ain’t I a swell guy? […]

The Truth About Quitting

Today’s special guest article is by none other than the Millionaire-Maker himself, Dan Kennedy! Enjoy! The Renegade Millionaire Way by Dan S. Kennedy The Truth about Quitting My father told me that the reason doctors whack babies on the ass immediately after they are born is to communicate a fundamental truth they need to know […]

What Is The Objective For Each Piece Of Your Marketing Campaign?

Seems most people only think about the end result of things, especially when they’re creating their marketing campaigns. That’s why I made this recording about, “What is the objective for each piece of your marketing campaign?” You want to think about the end result, but, more importantly, you really want to know what the objective is for […]