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[Postcard Example] Don’t Look Like Everyone Else!

You know what really grinds my gears?… When someone uses a template based postcard to send out their mailings so they look like everyone else’s postcards!  Arrrggghh For today, I’m going to show you the “fail” of the week. Below you’ll find two sets of postcards set out by two different real estate agents.  Pay […]

[Postcard Example] If You’re Doing This With Your Postcards Then Please Change It Now!

(Note:  This is a postcard example I am critiquing that was received from a real estate agent.  The examples I give can be used for ANY business, not just real estate.) Last spring I received a postcard from a real estate agent which I critiqued on here.  You can see this article by Clicking Here. Well […]

Does Each Piece In Your Marketing Campaign Have Its Own Objective?

Just a little throw back Thursday from June of 2015 (with voice recording). Did you know that each piece in your marketing campaign needs to have it’s own objective? Read and listen below to learn more about having an objective for each piece of your marketing campaign. Enjoy! Seems most people only think about the […]

BTTB: We Don’t Tell Direct Mail Anything

As I was reading through my *No B.S. Direct Marketing Letter, Dan Kennedy was talking about another marketing legend, Denny Hatch. What Denny said is absolutely true, but most don’t believe it. Here’s what Denny said: “We don’t tell direct mail anything; It tells us.” What does that mean?  We don’t tell direct mail anything; […]

[Postcard Example] Can You Guess What This Postcard Is Marketing???

A couple days ago I received a postcard in the mail.  It was a 4.25″ x 5.5″ sized postcard, which means teeny-tiny. I couldn’t help by noticed the front of the postcard with the pictures on it.  I was wondering what services this postcard is marketing and, besides the pictures, the only word on the front is ‘SPRING.’  After […]

FREE Graphic Creator

Happy Thursday, y’all. I wanted to share with you a pretty neat graphic creator that helps you create Headlines, Buy Now Buttons, Belcher Buttons, and Guarantee Boxes. Best part is there’s no opt-in required!  Just go to the site and start creating what you need from templates already in place.  All you need to do […]