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BTTB: We Don’t Tell Direct Mail Anything

As I was reading through my *No B.S. Direct Marketing Letter, Dan Kennedy was talking about another marketing legend, Denny Hatch. What Denny said is absolutely true, but most don’t believe it. Here’s what Denny said: “We don’t tell direct mail anything; It tells us.” What does that mean?  We don’t tell direct mail anything; […]

Notes From The Total Business Growth Accelerator Livecast

So for the past week I sent out a few emails to you about the no-cost Total Business Growth Accelerator livecast that Dave Dee (Marketing Genius) of GKIC was hosting. Now I know some of you couldn’t be there, so I figured I’d share some of my notes with you… Ain’t I a swell guy? […]

Offer A Gosh-Darn-It Guarantee

Is that a Guarantee I see? Oh, the joys of marketing.  Look to your left, look to your right, what do you see?  Crap-tacular marketing everywhere with no guarantee. Do you not believe in your product/service to offer a guarantee?  I know what you’re all saying… “But, David… I believe in my product/service but customers will […]