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Are You Making These 7 Marketing Mistakes?

  • Marketing Mistake Number 1:  Not Sending the RIGHT MESSAGE
  • Marketing Mistake Number 2:  Not Targeting the RIGHT MARKET
  • Marketing Mistake Number 3:  Not Using the RIGHT MEDIA
  • Marketing Mistake Number 4:  Not Sending at the RIGHT TIME
  • Marketing Mistake Number 5:  Not Having an OFFER
  • Marketing Mistake Number 6:  Not Having a CALL-TO-ACTION
  • Marketing Mistake Number 7:  Not Having a FOLLLOW UP SYSTEM

Which of the 7 Marketing Mistakes are you making, all of them?  Look at all the marketing pieces you get in the mail, look at the billboards, T.V. commercials, internet ads, etc… most of them are making all 7 Marketing Mistakes (Hey, I was one of them, but you learn from your mistakes, no?).

Well, let’s get you on track, shall we?!

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Now go take action!

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