Control Your Market

I’ve been reading Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. by Ron Chernow
(If you’ve never read it, I highly suggest it). 

One thing I want to share with you, that really stood out, was… Rockefeller dominated his market (why do you think he’s the richest man in history?!). 

With all his oil, he had to get it shipped right?  Well, he didn’t own the railroads, but, since he had the largest supplies he CONTROLLED the railroads.

What did he do when he wanted to widen his market of oil and kerosene?  He started selling heaters, stoves, lamps, etc. that burned oil and kerosene.  GENIUS!!!

Here’s a little excerpt from the book:  “Sometimes, over the furious opposition of storekeepers, tank wagons even went door-to-door, selling directly to households and putting Standard smack in the retail trade. (In some places, the trust manipulated local retailers by saying that they would refrain from this practice if storekeepers dealt exclusively in Standard Kerosene.)  The combine also sold, almost at cost, heaters, stoves, lamps, and lanterns to widen the market; in the manner of a modern corporation, Standard Oil created demand as well as satisfied it, and its obliging agents helped consumers clean lamps and burners to enhance their use.”

Wow!  Read that paragraph again…

What can you do in your business to great demand?  For example, let’s say you’re a landscaper… you could start selling landscaping tools (with your brand).  Then, move up the ladder and sell weed-whackers, tractors, etc.

Think about it… what can you do in your business to great more demand?  Can you start selling products related to your products and service?

Let this soak in and get your creative juices flowing.

Now go take action!



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