Dan Kennedy’s 10 No B.S. Marketing Rules

Hey you!  How’s your marketing going?  Are you creating your own marketing campaigns and they’re not producing the results you’re looking for?

Well, today I want to share with you some Marketing Rules you NEED to follow if you want your marketing to be successful.  Whenever I create a new marketing campaign, postcard, or 3D mailing I follow Dan Kennedy’s 10 No B.S. Marketing Rules (found in the book No B.S. Direct Marketing by Dan Kennedy.  No B.S. Direct Marketing Book and you get the No B.S. Direct Marketing book shipped directly to your door.  Just pay $4.95 for shipping.  Visit:  www.NoBSDirectMarketing.com to get your copy today!).

If you’re serious about marketing, then print these rules out, pin them up on your wall, and refer to them every time you create a new marketing piece.  You’ll be glad you did.

Dan Kennedy’s 10 No B.S. Marketing Rules:

  • Rule 1:  There will always be an offer or offers.
  • Rule 2:  There will be a reason to respond right now.
  • Rule 3:  There will be clear instructions on how to respond.
  • Rule 4:  There will be tracking and measurement.
  • Rule 5:  Whatever brand building occurs will be a happy by-product, not bought.
  • Rule 6:  There will be follow up.
  • Rule 7:  There will be strong sales copy, not vague hyperbole.
  • Rule 8:  In general, it will look like “mail order advertising.”
  • Rule 9:  Results rule.  Period.
  • Rule 10:  You will be a tough-minded disciplinarian and keep your business on a strict direct marketing diet for at least six months.

There you have it.  Follow these rules and you’ll start seeing an increase in responses from your marketing.

Are you currently following any of these rules?  If not, why? 

Let me know when you start apply these rules to your marketing and share the results below or send me a personal email (go to the Contact Tab above).

Now go take action!

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