Difference Between Direct-Response Advertising & Direct Marketing

As I was going through the most recent issue (June 2016) of the No B.S. Marketing Letter, Dan Kennedy mentioned the definitions of Direct-Response Advertising and Direct Marketing.  It’s very important to know the difference between the two and to be sure you’re using them with your business.

Here’s Dan’s definitions of both…

Direct-Response Advertising:  Directly asks for a particular, specific and (almost always) immediate or by a date certain response.  It offers a specific reason; usually incentive for that response, i.e. makes an offer.

Key word there is ‘Response.’  You’re out looking for someone to respond.

If you’re not doing the above then it’s not Direct-Response Advertising.

Direct Marketing:  Directly connects to the consumer and directly connects the consumer to the marketer, including the capture of the consumer’s contact information, putting the consumer into an organized, step-by-step process culminating with a (yes/no) purchase decision or through such steps into an appointment with a salesperson or/and a physical sales location and event.

If you’re not doing the above then it’s not Direct Marketing.

So, I ask, what kind of marketing are you doing?  Is it Direct-Response Advertising?  Is it Direct Marketing?  Is it something completely different?

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Now go take action!

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