Does Each Piece In Your Marketing Campaign Have Its Own Objective?

Just a little throw back Thursday from June of 2015 (with voice recording).

Did you know that each piece in your marketing campaign needs to have it’s own objective?

Read and listen below to learn more about having an objective for each piece of your marketing campaign.


Seems most people only think about the end result of things, especially when they’re creating their marketing campaigns.

That’s why I made this recording about, “What is the objective for each piece of your marketing campaign?”

You want to think about the end result, but, more importantly, you really want to know what the objective is for each piece of your marketing campaign.

What’s the job of the envelope? How about the headline? Now the sales letters?

What about the emails, online ads, free reports, books, etc.?

You can now start thinking about each marketing piece’s objective by listening here:

So, have you ever thought about this before?

Have you ever thought about the objective of your envelope? Once it gets opened it has done its job! Then the next piece in your marketing campaign is at work, and so on.

How will you think differently about creating your marketing campaigns? Be sure to share you thoughts in the comments below.

Now go take action!

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